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‘’always a good idea….’’

A good idea is anything that might benefit you in anyway….                                                     
Rock FM, always a good idea….
  • Listening to some good music can give you calmness, the chills, brings back memories or create new ones… and that is why Rock FM is always a good idea….
  • Winning a prize gives you internal satisfaction but can also give you a fine dinner with friends, tickets for a big concert or even cash money….That is why Rock FM is always a good idea….
  • Going to a party, having a few drinks and dancing helps you blow off some steam, forget your problems and be in a happy place for a while. Rock FM throws or supports the best events on the island… that is why Rock FM is always a good idea…
  • Knowing the best offers on services and products on the market can cover most of your everyday needs without spending money and time. If your company provides the best services or products or if you are looking, exactly just for those….Rock FM is always a good idea….
  • Giving to charity not only helps others but also makes your heart and soul feel full and warm but you can never be careful enough who needs your help and where to give…and that is why Rock FM is always a good idea….
All these reasons and many more are what makes Rock FM, always a good idea…

What they say about us @ Facebook

  • Always a pleasure to join in with your quizzes.m Great fun

    Steve P Johnston
  • The best rock station in Cyprus! Highly recommended!

    Pavlos Apostolidis (25/12/18)
  • Kaliteri pop & rock mousiki.

    Kalia Constantinou (20/07/18)
  • Ο Καλυτερος ραδιοφωνικος σταθμος...

    Γεωργία Χαραλάμπους (26/09/2018)
  • Great music. Memories from the past

    Yiannos Vassiliou (23/12/18)
  • Just wanted drop a line and say i LOVE LOVE LOVE the tunes you play!!! I used to live in the UK and had to move back to CY even tho i never wanted to. One of the million things i was missing was the radio and when i listen to you guys it takes me back!! THANKS ever so much!!!!

    LOVE the tunes you play!!!
  • The best radio station in town!! Great variety of classic rock songs! Just LOVE it! ❤️

    Mikaella Alexandrou (21/2/19)
  • Great music, cool competitions, amazing people!

    Myria Hadjicharalambous (6/11/18)
  • The best rock station on the island!!! Excellent selections by far!!!

    Evie Nicolaidou

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