Ride to Remember Festival

Ride to Remember Festival

Date26 September 2021

VenueMandria Beach Bar

We all have close or far Relatives with Alzhaimer. Join the Ride to Remember and support the Cyprus Alzhaimers association.
Mandria Beach Bar 26th of September World Alzhaimers Month with live Rock Band. Entrance is free Ride participation is free and starts at 14:00 please read the ride Safety Rules below.
Support the Alzhaimer Association by giving your Donation at the Alzhaimers Desk next to the Bar. For Motorcycle clubs is best to collect their individual members donation and Contribute at the desk as a club “A Certificate of Donation will then be given to their Club”.
Donate whatever u can or if you wish your Event t-shirt just press discussion button above or buy from the alzhaimers desk next to the bar.
Nothing is obligatory and Every little helps.
Some great motorcycle companies hopefully will exhibit some of their new Models. Our ROCK BAND is guaranteed to rock your souls so don’t miss out!!

Rock FM 98.5 Paphos