"Rock FM 98.5 & Peter Morton" Presents The Rock FM Sleigh

“Rock FM 98.5 & Peter Morton”  Presents The Rock FM Sleigh

“Rock FM 98.5 & Peter Morton” Presents The Rock FM Sleigh

Date8 November 2020





The car of Rock FM 98.5 will be out and about daily from Monday to Friday in the city of Paphos and its driver dressed as Santa Claus will distribute many valued gift bags!

The car will be parked for only 10 minutes in well-known parts of the city.

With characteristic audio trailers that will be aired, the listeners will be informed where the car of Rock FM 98.5 is. The first 3 listeners who will come to the car and answer a simple question of Santa Claus correctly, then will win a bag with various gifts and a chance to enter for the final draw of the big prize. After 10 minutes, Santa Claus gets in the car and leaves.

Listeners of Rock FM 98.5 must stay tuned to the radio waiting for the next audio trailer which will play at a specific time and inform the listeners about the next stop of the car.
The new location of the car will be announced from 9:00 until 16:00.

Santa will make a total of 3 stops daily in different places for 10 minutes each stop.
The game will last 10 days (09.11.20 – 20.11.20), Monday to Friday.
All listeners who win the surprise bags from Santa Claus will fill out a form with their details to enter the final draw to win a big prize a Hotel accommodation for 2 people for a weekend with all expenses paid to a luxury hotel in Platres.
Terms and conditions applied.


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