Antonis Limnaios

19:00 – 22:00 Saturday and Sunday

I grow up with the sounds of synthpop,new wave,rock.
During my never-ending quest I traveled to Athens(1993) at the year that james released their album Laid where i start playing as a dj spinning everything from Rock to Funk.After I decided to travel further so at the year that White stripes(2004) won the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album i ended up in Cyprus where i start DJing all over and in a ironic twist of fate i became a radio producer at Rock Fm,with the show “Transmission” explore a wide spectrum of music from all sorts of genres…i am music lover and I want the listeners to feel comfortably,happy,cool,smiling and relaxing,music gives me emotions and power to move forward, unique gift that was given to humanity. I like to discover new performers and composers!!!
So Reach out and touch faith!!

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